My secret notes of Indian ashram (Part II)

    How does a day in a typical Indian ashram look? At 5am meditation mantras, pranayama or shatkarmas. Translated into English: praying, breathing exercises, or various detoxication treatments. At 7:45am, tea break. At 8am, yoga exercises. Everyone waited for 10am - breakfast. The breakfast consisted of oatmeal cooked in milk with papaya, banana, guava … Continue reading My secret notes of Indian ashram (Part II)

Incredible India (Part II)

For some years ago I had the honor to visit an ashram, housing his holiness, the enlightened Sir Prem Baba. He entered the stage accompanied by music. Brightness and goodness was in the air. Transparent western girls voices sung Indian songs and mantras. After a not very short musical intro, Prem Baba himself was sitting … Continue reading Incredible India (Part II)

Incredible India (Part I)

Incredible India - an accurately chosen motto representing this country. In order to attract more tourists, Indian government creates not only the magic image of the country, but also tries to develop a better manner of its citizens by implanting a certain attitude: the guest is God. Thus, I was traveling to the incredible country … Continue reading Incredible India (Part I)